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Please use the department's General Registration Form to register for these camps or register online.

Sport camps meet at the Herndon Community Center, Bready Park Soccer Field. Basketball will meet at the outdoor basketball courts. Each day, bring a water bottle and snack.
(No peanut products).

Happy Feet Soccer  
Age 3-6
It’s story time with a soccer ball! Stories, songs, nursery rhymes and fun games are adapted to incorporate a soccer ball and basic motor skills development. Kid-friendly curriculum is used to ensure kids are having an absolute blast, while developing essential physical skills. Happy Feet classes are noncompetitive, and use fun techniques to train advanced motor skills, dynamic dribbling, shooting skills and fi tness.

Age 3-4

5, 45 minute sessions TOH $45/NR $59

July 15-19

187000.11    M-F     9-9:45am

August 5-9

187000.12     M-F      9-9:45am

Age 5-6

5, 1 hour sessions TOH $45/NR $59

July 15-19

187000.14    M-F    10-11am

August 5-9

187000.15 M-F     10-11am

Nova Legend Soccer
Age 6-12
Don’t miss an opportunity to continue development of fundamental soccer skills, including dribbling, passing, shooting and ball control. Skills for more advanced players will include off ensive and defensive strategy. Days will consist of a warm-up, conditioning drills, and fun soccer-related games using your developing skills. Scrimmages and games will also continue to aid in the player’s development. Bring a soccer ball labeled with child’s fi rst and last name.
5, 3 hour sessions TOH $132/NR $176
June 24-28

187100.10    M-F     9am-12pm

Age 6-12
Whether you’re new to the game or simply looking to improve your skills, this is the perfect program for you. Emphasis will be placed on basic fundamentals, including shooting, passing,
rebounding and defense. Develop the ability to work as a team and exhibit good sportsmanship. Instruction provided by Amazing Athletes.
5, 2 hour sessions TOH $90/NR $120

August 5-9

187210.10     M-F      9-11am

Sports Sampler    
Age 3-4
Enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and confidence through a sampling of sports. They will play soccer, T-ball/baseball, kickball, golf, parachute games, and a lot of other fun games in-between. Emphasis will be on
teamwork and good sportsmanship. Instruction provided by Amazing Athletes.

Age 3-4

5, 30 minute sessions TOH $30/NR $40

July 8-12

187400.10    M-F    10:35-11:05am

July 22-26

187400.11    M-F     10:35-11:05am

Age 5-6

5, 1.5 hour sessions TOH $60/NR $80

July 8-12

187400.12    M-F    9-10:30am

July 22-26

187400.13    M-F     9-10:30am

Age 7-11
Amazing Athletes provides a unique, tried and proven, fun-fi lled sports program that incorporates physical fi tness, muscle tone, and gross motor skills, while learning and playing
in the following sports: soccer, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf and lacrosse. A fun and positive learning experience that will help your child develop the basic fundamentals of sports, as well as instilling self-confi dence, good sportsmanship and team pride.
5, 3 hour sessions TOH $120/NR $160
July 15-19

187510.10     M-F     9am-12pm

Camps are held at the Bready Park Tennis Complex at the Herndon Community Center, Monday-Th ursday, with Friday reserved as a makeup day. Bring water bottle and a snack (no
peanut products) each day. T-shirt included. Pee Wee camp participants are only required to bring their own mini-racquets. Other equipment will be provided. Instructor-student ratio is six to one. For ages 8-15, participants must provide own racquet
and one can of new tennis balls. Instructor-student ratio is eight to one.

Age 4-5

One is never too young to learn a lifetime sport. We will help your child learn the basic tennis fundamentals by using creative games, skill learning and teaching techniques.
4, 30 minute sessions TOH $32/NR $43

M-Th    9:45-10:15am
June 24-27             188400.10
July 8-11 
July 15-18 
July 22-25                   
July 29-August 1       
August 5-8                   

Age 6-7

4, 30 minute sessions TOH $32/NR $43
M-Th     10:20-10:50am
June 24-27            188510.10
July 8-11           
July 15-18 
July 22-25                  
July 29-August 1     
August 5-8 

Age 8-15

Designed for all levels and taught by our highly trained instructors. Grouped by ability, each camp features comprehensive on- and off -court instruction, skill learning, games, and practice matches.
8, 2 hour sessions TOH $77/NR $102

July 8-18

188610.10     8-10am
188610.11     10:15am-12:15pm
July 22-August 1

188610.12      8-10am
188610.13     10:15am-12:15pm
August 5-15

188610.14      8-10am
188610.15      10:15am-12:15pm

Table Tennis
Age 5-13
Want to learn more about table tennis? Th is camp will focus on hand-eye coordination, ready position, and the basics in ping-pong grips and strokes. Participants will be divided into age
groups, and a ping-pong machine will be used to reinforce the correct stroke. Please bring a snack (no peanut products) and drink each day. Swimming will be provided throughout the week
and parents will be given a schedule on the first day of camp (no swimming on Monday). Meet inside at the Herndon Community Center.
5, 3 hour sessions TOH $135/NR $180
M-F 9am-12pm

July 8-12
July 29-August 2  

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