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Refuse Collection
Collection of Refuse and Yard Waste is provided once a week by the Town. Refuse collection is determined by your location north or south of the W&OD bike trail. Recycling is collected on Wednesdays. You may find the "Refuse Collection Zone Map" (located in the right side bar) helpful in determining your collection day. If you are uncertain of your scheduled collection day, please contact the Department of Public Works for assistance.

Yard Debris & Leaf Collection Schedule and Guidelines
Please click here for information on Yard Debris and Leaf Collection


Computer Manufacturers provide free recycling of their computers.
  Please click here for more information.


In an effort to encourage participation in the Town's mandatory recycling program and to assist our residents, the Department of Public Works is now providing "Single Stream" recycling at curbside pick-up. ALL recyclable items may be co-mingled in one or more containers. Containers should be clean and clearly labeled "Recycle". Toters may be used with a maximum size of 65 gallons and a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

Commingled Recyclables
, consisting of recyclable glass, aluminum, cans, plastics and paper generally collected from residential recycling as follows:

Materials Accepted 

All glass containers must be empty and free of metal caps and rings and rinsed clean.  All tin cans, bi-metal cans, and aluminum cans must be empty and rinsed clean.

All plastic containers must be empty, caps removed; and rinsed clean.  All fiber must be dry and free of food debris and other contaminating material.

- Aluminum food and beverage containers

- Glass food and beverage containers-brown, clear or green Ferrous(Iron)cans
- PET plastic containers with the symbol#1-with screw tops only without caps
- HDPE natural plastic containers with the symbol#2-narrowneck containers only (milk and water bottles)
- HDPE pigmented plastic containers with the symbol#2-narrowneck containers only, without caps (
detergent,shampoo bottles,etc.)
- Plastics with symbols #3,#4,#5,#6,#7-narrowand screw top containers
- Medicine bottles
- News print
- Old corrugated cardboard
- Magazines Catalogs Cereal boxes

- Household items such as cooking pots, toasters, etc.
- Telephone books Printer paper Copier paper
- Mail
- All other office paper without wax liners
- Empty non-hazardous aerosol cans
- Plastic food containers, (i.e. Strawberry/blueberry containers)


Unacceptable Materials
- Microwave trays
- Pizza boxes
- Mirrors
- Window or auto glass
- Light Bulbs Ceramics Porcelain
- Plastics unnumbered
- Plastic bags
- Coat hangers (wire)
- Glass cookware/bakeware
- Cell phones
- Printer cartridges (toner or ink jet)
- Batteries
- Computer of other electronics
- All glass containers must be empty and free of metal caps and rings and contain less than 5% food debris. All tin cans, bi-metal cans, and aluminum cans must be empty and contain less than 5% food debris.
- All aerosol cans must be empty with less than 5% content
- All plastic containers must be empty, caps removed; less than5% food debris. All Fiber must be dry and free of food debris and other contaminating material.
- Tissues, paper towels or other paper that has been in contact with food is not acceptable.

- No plastic bread bags, no dry cleaning bags, no plastic shopping bags.  It is recommended that residents utilize the services found at most grocery stores for recycling grocery store bags)

- No meat trays, egg cartons, carry-out containers, no Styrofoam.

- No toys, regardless if it has a number on the bottom

Recycling is collected every Wednesday.  Containers must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m


Containers must be placed at curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day (recyclables on Wednesday), but no sooner than 24 hours prior to scheduled pickup. Containers should be removed from the curbside within 24 hours after collection. 


Unacceptable materials include ashes, asbestos, acids, chemicals, poisons, paints, other dangerous and hazardous materials, as well as scrap metal, auto parts, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, building materials, industrial materials, building wastes, earth, explosives, gasoline, kerosene, floor sandings, or other combustible material or solid waste either to large or too heavy to be loaded safely in collection vehicles. Infectious materials such as surgical dressings, needles, syringes, human tissue, and dead animals should not be put out for collection.


Residents need to provide a sufficient number of approved sturdy plastic or metal containers with lids. Approved refuse containers must be a minimum of 20 gallons, a maximum of 50 gallons with a maximum loaded weight of 50 pounds for solid waste.

Citizen must purchase their own recycling containers.  Containers must be clearly marked "recycle" and may not exceed 65 gallons with a maximum loaded weight of 50 lbs.

Yard Waste
Reusable containers may be used for curbside collection of branches, twigs, grass clippings and leaves.  Residents should label their containers yard waste. Please note if yard waste debris does not fit in the container bundling and bagging guidelines must be followed.  


Effective July 5, 2010 the Town of Herndon's recycling center located at 1481 Sterling Road was permanently closed.

Herndon Residents are advised to take full advantage of the existing Wednesday pick up of curbside recycling.

The closest Recycling Centers are located at:

2531 Reston Parkway, Reston, VA 
400 W. Laurel Avenue, Sterling, VA

Motor oil and other hazardous waste can be taken to Fairfax County's West Ox Road Transfer Station (please click link for directions and hours).

Local Document Shredding Event

Fairfax County sponsors shredding events throughout the year free of charge to residents.  Please click here to read more detail and view this year's  schedule and locations .


Four Season's and Herndon Environmental Network's
1201 Herndon Parkway
Saturday, January 10 - 10 am to 3 pm
(Snow Date: Saturday, January 24)

Bring your old electronics to the Four Seasons Clubhouse, where Forever Green Recycling will accept them for free (no cost to you!). The collected electronics will not be exported and hard drives will be destroyed.  To learn more please visit Four Season's Facebook page at:

Fairfax County

Fairfax County is updating its Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) to be submitted to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality by June 2015.  A copy of the current plan is available on the county's website at  The Town of Herndon is part of the planning service area within the SWMP.  Therefore, we would like to invite residents to participate in the update.  Public meetings will begin shortly to gather resident comments.  The list of meetings are scheduled from 7:00- 9:00 p.m. with the closest location for Herndon residents held at the North County Government Center, 12000 Bowman Towne Drive, Reston in the community room.  Additional times and locations are noted on the county's website.

You may also participate in an on-line survey

Questions regarding the SWMP can be directed to or by calling (703) 324-5226.


If you have any questions regarding refuse and recycling please call (703) 435-6853, or email

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