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The Town of Herndon, in conjuction with the Fairfax County Department of Housing, assists Town homeowners providing minor home repairs and maintenance to eligible low and moderate-income elderly homeowners who: 
   >   are 62 years of age or older;
   >   are disabled; or

   >   have disabled family members.
       (Disabled or handicapped family memers are only eligible for
         accessibility modifications.) 

Fairfax County will provide a crew to do up to one (1) week's labor and provide up to $500 in materials to complete necessary repairs and maintenance, free of charge to eligible homeowners.

Types of Repairs:

   Interior and exterior painting

   Minor electrical repair and replacement

   Window and door repair

   Minor plumbing repair and replacement

   Screen replacement for windows and doors

   Gutter and walkway repair

   Installation of ramps, grab bars and other devices to assist the
   elderly and handicapped.

Maximum Income Limits:

   1 person = $47,350
   2 persons = $54,100
   Income maximums are higher for larger families

When total family assets (excluding your house) exceed $20,000 either actual or projected earnings are added to your income in considering eligibility.

Monthly housing expenses must be greater than 25% of total monthly income.  Items included in housing expenses are mortgage, insurance, utilities and real estate taxes.
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