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JobTypeApplication DeadlineSalary
Assistant Swim CoachTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$8+ depending on qualifications
Body Pump InstructorsTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$22.67 /per hour + 1/2 hr set-up & breakdown
BODYCOMBAT InstructorTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$22.67/hr + .25 hr prep time
Communications Technician IFull TimeOpen Until Filled$40,588 - 53,557 depending on qualifications
Community Center CustodianTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$11.40
Deputy Director of Public Works - Engineering DivisionFull TimeOpen Until Filled$81,608 - $125,000 depending on qualifications
Development Planner / Community DesignFull TimeOpen Until Filled$56,503 - 76, 702 depending on qualifications
General Employment InquiryNot SpecifiedOpen Until FilledNot Specified
Group Exercise InstructorTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$22.67/per hour + .25 hr prep time
Head Gymnastics InstructorsTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$17 + depending on qualifications
Head LifeguardsTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$14 + depending on qualifications
Inclusion Coordinator (Summer Camp)Temporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$15 - $20/hour, DOQ
Kettle Bell Certified Personal TrainerTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$25.00 /per hour
LifeGuardsTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$10.50 + depending on qualifications
Personal TrainerTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$25.00/ per hour
Police Officer IFull TimeOpen Until Filled$53,266 + depending on qualifications
Project Engineer IFull TimeOpen Until Filled$61,195 + depending on qualifications
Recreation Class InstructorsTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until FilledDepends on qualifications
Seasonal Laborer II - RefuseTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$12. 00
Senior Civil EngineerFull TimeOpen Until Filled$69,764 - 91,999 depending on qualifications
Summer Camp Assistant DirectorTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$14.00 - 16.00/hour, DOQ
Summer Camp Head Recreation LeaderTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$12 - 14/hour, DOQ
Summer Camp Recreation Leader IITemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$11 - 13/hour, DOQ
Summer Dance Camp Recreation LeaderTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$9.50 - 12/hour, DOQ
Summer Nature Camp DirectorTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$16 - 20/hour, DOQ
Summer Nature Camp Recreation LeaderTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$11 - $13/hour, DOQ
Summer Preschool Camp DirectorTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$16 - $18/hour, DOQ
Summer Preschool Camp Recreation LeaderTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$11 - 13/hour, DOQ
Summer Tennis Camp Recreation LeaderTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$9.50 -12.00/hour, DOQ
Swim InstructorTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$15.53 - 20.27 depending on qualifications
Teen Discovery Camp DirectorTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$15 - $18/hour, DOQ
Teen Discovery Camp Recreation LeaderTemporary/Seasonal04/27/2018$12 - $15/hour, DOQ
Utility Equipment Operator II - Truck Driver (Refuse)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$38,935 - 50,056
Water Exercise InstructorTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$17.00 + depending on qualifications
Zumba InstructorTemporary/SeasonalOpen Until Filled$22.90/hour