Bike Trail

This project is intended to light 2,200 linear feet of the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail from Ferndale Avenue to Crestview Drive in Herndon. Twenty-two of the 20’ pendant lights will be installed 4-6’ from the trails edge. Using directional boring, disturbance to the trail will be minimal, with a maximum area of disturbance of 4’ wide over the length of this segment. The control boxes are capable of programming on and off times. Other expenses may include licensing and service fees with Dominion Power. 

This project also requires a license agreement with NOVA Parks as the trail owner. This agreement is in process.The Recreational Trails Grant (RTP) is both a matching grant, and a reimbursement grant. The town will match 20% of the total cost of the project (currently estimated at $105,000). The Town will incur the project costs while seeking periodic reimbursement after submitting proof of expenditures and payment. For every dollar spent, RTP will reimburse 80 cents, up to the maximum award amount or the actual out of pocket cash expense of the project.

The project is identified in the Town’s Capital Improvement Program, currently placed in FY 2018. Town Council action during the mid-year budget approved the $105,000 general fund allocation in FY 2017 so that the project can proceed. The funds to offset the RTP grant reimbursement are available and will be covered by the town’s general funds until the project is completed and the expenses are validated and reimbursed.

The budget includes the necessary Architectural and Engineering services, which have been completed. Also included are fees associated with obtaining electrical service through Dominion Power, and any fees associated with the Environmental Screening for the project. Construction costs include purchase of the poles and luminaries, junction boxes, transformers, conduit, cabling and the associated installation costs. These items are identified in detail on the budget spreadsheet. Construction bids were received in July 2018. An award of contract by the Town Council is expected in August, and construction to follow in September. The installation will include LED fixtures.

Town of Herndon enters agreement with Vivacity DC, Inc. to pilot “smart city” technologies, services.

WOD Trail light map_12