There's something for everyone in the Parks and Recreation Department's dance program. The dance program offers complete training in a wide variety of dance disciplines and related movement for children, aged two years and up, beginners through advanced levels. All of our instructors are fully qualified professionals, possessing many years of teaching experience. Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. From our tiniest ballerina to our adult dancers, dancing helps build flexibility, strength and endurance, and contributes to a positive outlook.

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Twinkle Toes Age 12-24 months
This parent (or another caring adult)/child class is designed to encourage gross motor development through dance presented in a fun, playful atmosphere.

Baby Ballerinas Age 2-3 
Parent and child will participate together in this class designed to involve the parent in the very beginning process of dance training with your child. Music, coordination and gross motor skills are the foundations laid in this program. Designed to develop a child's natural movements and encourage creativity in the very young dancer. This class will teach basic ballet positions and focus on coordination through basic tumbling and floor work. 

Ballet Age 3-5
Ballet helps build through its discipline, a graceful body with good posture and poise. Each class promotes correct body placement, strength, and basic vocabulary. These techniques are studied through barre, center and combinations. Goals include proper posture and the learned choreography of a dance performance for the last day of class, to be held for family and friends. Student must be able to separate from parent and be ready to follow group instruction. 

Tiny Ballet/Jazz/Hip-Hop Age 3-5
In this dance class, basic Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop techniques are introduced. Students will learn to dance according to trends of today's popular music.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Age 5-12 
This basic tap, jazz and beginning ballet technique class will include more challenging barre exercises, while emphasizing basic terminology. The tap portion of the class will concentrate on developing intricate patterns and rhythms, while the jazz portion of the class will begin to develop student's flexibility and balance skills. Two sessions experience needed. 

Combination Dance Age 3-8
Dance instruction focuses on mastering combinations and vocabulary of basic ballet, jazz and tap steps. Dancers improve stamina, core skills, technique and rhythm, offering the student experience in tap, ballet and tumbling technique. 

Hip-Hop Age 4-13
This fun and upbeat style of dance focuses on coordination and strength. Hip-Hop is most commonly seen in music videos and students will learn the newest styles, along with performance skills, energy and stamina. Emphasizes energy and incorporates basic jazz steps with a modern style. 

Urban Hip-Hop Age 7-15
This is a high-intensity Urban Hip-Hop dance class that will cover styles of urban dancing including tutting, moonwalking, top rocks, threading, ground rocks, waving, popping and isolation. Simple routines and a choreographed number will be taught.

Lyrical Age 7-10
This beginner to intermediate level class combines ballet, jazz and modern dance. Lyrical challenges dancers to use choreography and movement to interpret music and express emotion. Dancers will learn lyrical technique along with story-telling through movement. This fluid form of dance is practiced to popular ballads and contemporary music.

Pom Age 9-12
Pom introduces dancers to jazz technique while emphasizing sharp synchronized movements with the visual effect of pom poms. The curriculum will include warm-up, stretches, jazz dance, kick-line, turn, leap, jump and pom technique. We will create fun, high-energy pom routines. Students are responsible for their own set of pom poms which can be ordered after the class has hit its minimum enrollment. Jazz shoes are also required.

Herndon Dance Team Age 8-14
This is a performance dance group dedicated to building confidence, increasing performance and dance skill while boosting community spirit. Dancers will be expected to learn, retain and perform intermediate level choreography. Dancers will participate in at least two performance opportunities including one parent performance. Must have 2+ years dance class experience. Consistent attendance is critical. Jazz shoes are mandatory.

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Ballet Technique Adult Age 16 & up
You will enjoy learning ballet while developing confidence, mental concentration, physical coordination and grace. Class includes barre work and floor combinations. This is a class for dancers wishing to experience the joy of dance and to develop their performance skills! Open to all levels.

Dancexercise Age 16 & up 
Looking for a low-impact cardio workout? Love to dance but not exactly a dancer? This one's for you! Easy, fun dance steps using a variety of styles to give you a moderate intensity workout. No experience needed. Jazz shoes recommended. 

Salsa Age 16 & up 
Learn the basic rhythm, step patterns and technique of this popular Latin dance. Whether you're looking to learn this dance for the first time or to brush up on some of the basics—this is the perfect class for you. No experience needed. 

Latin Age 16 & up 
Emphasis will be on the development of partnering skills, lead and follow, the basic principles of timing, as well as basic foot work and variations of simple turn patterns. Cha, Cha, Rumba, Tango and Salsa are covered. No experience needed. 

Swing Age 16 & up 
Learn to jump, jive and wail by learning the triple and single East Coast swing. No experience needed. 

Dance Survival Class Age 16 & up
Learn easy moves to help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor. You will learn basic dance steps for several styles of dance to include salsa, two-step, tango, polka, rumba, cha-cha, swing and waltz. Class will also cover the novelty dances Marcarena and the Electric Slide. Next time you go to a wedding or party, you will know just what to do!

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