Martial Arts

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Looking to practice a martial art? Herndon Parks and Recreation offers many different disciplines, each one allows participants to learn aspects of self-defense, physical health and fitness, mental, physical, and spiritual development.

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Tae Kwon Do for Little Kids Age 3-6 
Tae Kwon Do provides much more than basic physical fitness. Children will learn the basics, which includes kicking, punching, self-defense, balance, discipline, focus, respect and group interaction. New exercises will be introduced each week to help build a child's self-esteem and physical conditioning. Instruction provided by certified instructors under supervision of Master Adam Sterner of Sterner's Tae Kwon Do Academy. Uniforms are required and may be purchased at the first class for $38. Optional belt testing will be available at the end of the session for an additional fee. 

Intro to Tae Kwon Do Age 6-14 
One of the world's most popular martial arts, which has many physical benefits: strength, aerobics, flexibility, agility; and mental benefits: enhanced focus, confidence, discipline and respect. TKD is also a practical system of self-defense with elements of Hapkido (an art that uses an attacker's movements against him). Instruction provided through H. K. Lee Academy of Tae Kwon Do in Herndon. Uniforms are required and may be purchased from the instructor the first night of class for $40. Grandmaster Lee will offer an optional belt testing at the end of the session for an additional fee. 

Shotokan Karate Age 8 & up 
A traditional Japanese karate class that covers basic techniques(kihon), form (kata) and some sparring (kumite). A practical self-defense system to exceed present physical and mental limitations. Wear light, comfortable "workout" clothes. An optional test for rank will be given at the end of the session for an additional fee. 

Kendo Fundamentals Age 13 & up 
Kendo, the art of Japanese fencing, strives to bring one’s mind, body, and spirit together as one. Introduction to Kendo emphasizes a strong understanding of Kendo basics, including etiquette, footwork, and basic strikes. No prior experience necessary. For more information about the program contact

Kendo Age 13 & up 
Class is geared towards Kendoka who have completed the introductory class and wish to further pursue the art of Kendo. Kendo is a more rigorous class teaching techniques for use in shinsa and shia. Anyone over 13, of any skill level, with approval from the instructor is welcome. Gi, Hakama, Shinai are required. 

Iaido Age 18 & up 
Iaido, the Japanese art of drawing the sword, follows a set of kata, or forms, performed against an imaginary opponent. Due to the emphasis on inward focus, it has been referred to as a moving zen. Considered a complementary discipline to kendo. Students of all skill and age levels, with approval from the instructor, are welcome. Gi, Hakama, Bokken or Iaito is required.

Fencing Age 9 & up 
The sport of fencing is suitable for all ages. Class will utilize dry equipment; style is foil fencing. Equipment is provided. 

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