Census 2020

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The 2020 Census is under way! 

The U.S. Constitution mandates that the country conduct a count of its population once every 10 years. The 2020 Census will mark the 24th time that the country has counted its population since 1790.

The 2020 Census is an opportunity for all residents - regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or place of birth - to be counted. Census data will be used for the next ten years to make sure Fairfax County residents, including those in the Town of Herndon, are fairly represented in state and federal government and receive our fair share of state and federal funding for local programs such as education, health care and housing.

The US Census is mailing forms to all household to respond to the 2020 Census. The form will ask a few simple questions about you and everyone who is or will be living in the home on April 1, 2020.

Completing the Census

By April 2020, households will receive an invitation to participate in the census. You'll then have three options to respond:

Privacy/Frequently Asked Questions

All responses to Census Bureau surveys and censuses are confidential and protected under Title 13 of the U .S . Code. Under this law, the Census Bureau is required to keep respondent information confidential. It will never share a respondent’s personal information with immigration enforcement agencies, like ICE; law enforcement agencies, like the FBI or police; or allow it to be used to determine their eligibility for government benefits. The results from any census or survey are reported in statistical format only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to visit the 2020 Census website.