Good Neighbor Award

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Eligibility for the Good Neighbor Award includes:

  • Must be a resident of Herndon.
  • Act(s) for which the person is nominated must not be performed as an element of paid employment.
  • Contributions to the neighborhood may have occurred over the course of many years, but the judges will give
    special consideration to recent good deeds. For this reason, please provide these recent examples in the

Residents may nominate a family member, friend, or neighbor who makes noteworthy contributions to improve the
quality of life in their neighborhood. Residents may nominate an entire family for the award as well.

Please complete the nomination form below and describe why you believe that person exemplifies the qualities of a good neighbor. Explain to the review committee, “What makes this person a good neighbor?” Some examples of these qualities may include:

  • Contributions to the neighborhood beyond the scope of normal citizen responsibilities.
  • Concern for their neighbor’s well-being or overall quality of life in their neighborhood. This concern may be
    demonstrated by care of property, helpful or charitable acts toward neighbors, or participation in committees or volunteer activities that contribute to positive changes in the neighborhood.

Nominations must be received by Friday, October 13, 2017. The Cultivating Community Committee will select winner(s) from the pool of nominations submitted.

Winner(s) will be recognized in the media and by the Town Council at a public meeting.

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