South Elden Area Plan & Street Improvement Plan

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This page provides information on two separate but associated projects:  the SOUTH ELDEN AREA PLAN & the SOUTH ELDEN STREET IMPROVEMENT PLAN.  The former is a long range planning effort to be incorporated into the Herndon 2030 Comprehensive Plan while the latter is public street improvement plan.  


UPDATE: This area plan was adopted by the Town Council as Comprehensive Plan Amendment #18-01 at its February 12, 2019 public hearing.

Project Purpose:

This project is intended to result in a land use corridor plan for the properties along and near Elden Street in the area outlined in the map attached below.  The plan allows for increased flexibility in densities, land uses, and building dimensional standards. 

Project Documents:

Study Area Map

Adopted Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA #18-01) - Content added to 2030 Comprehensive Plan including a change to 2030 Land Use Plan map.



Project Purpose: In 2017, the Town established an initiative for a small area plan for the Elden Street commercial corridor between Herndon Parkway and Sterling Road. To assist with the effort, the town applied for and received a technical assistance grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The purpose of the grant is to assess traffic conditions along the Elden Street corridor between Herndon Parkway and Sterling Road and to recommend modest improvements to improve traffic flow and make the area conducive to multiple modes of transportation such as walking, bicycling, and riding public buses.

Project Overview:  The Town of Herndon 2030 Comprehensive Plan, adopted August 12, 2008 and amended through January 15, 2015 includes improvements to South Elden Street, a Town Minor Arterial, from Herndon Parkway to Sterling Road, to reflect a divided four lane section.  Therefore, this project is planned to modify Elden Street to accommodate a raised median, dedicated turn lanes, and a dedicated shared use path for bicycles and pedestrians. The streetscape may also be enhanced with more visible cross walks, updated bus stop amenities, updated pedestrian signals, and the placement of overhead wires underground.  The town plans to submit an application in 2018 for project ranking under a Virginia transportation prioritization process called “SmartScale.”  If the application is successful, funding could become available for engineering design in 2024, with construction of the improvements in subsequent years.

Project Documents: 

Location Map of project  

Town Council Resolution of Comprehensive Plan Amendment #18-02, to establish design concept for South Elden Street Improvements 

Survey of Existing Conditions on Elden Street between Herndon Parkway and Sterling Road

Traffic Operations Technical Memorandum, received by the town January 6, 2018

Conceptual Design of Improvement Plan