Zoning Ordinance Re-Format

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Staff has been working for the past several months on a complete overhaul of the zoning ordinance.  This update will re-organize and re-format all ordinance sections with the intent of:

- making the document more intuitive and user friendly

- reducing cross referencing and repetition

- simplifying the codification

- identifying areas of conflict and opportunities to enhance clarity 

Project Update: 

The Town Council will continue its review of the re-formatted ordinance at its August 3, 3017 work session and August 9, 2017 public hearing.  

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the re-formatted ordinance at its June 5, 2017 public hearing. 

The Town Council initiated review of the re-formatted ordinance at its February 14, 2017 public hearing.  

Project Documents: 

Re-formatted Zoning Ordinance - Final DRAFT(PDF)

Planning Commission Recommended Addendum (PDF)