Capital Improvement Program

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On May 14, 2019 the Town Council amended and adopted the FY 2020 – FY 2025 Capital Improvement Program as recommended by the Town Manager.  The action included several adjustments to the years in which the funding is planned for the Runnymede Park Nature Center project and the Community Center Phase 5 project.  The annual totals for General Government projects therefore changed, affecting fiscal years beyond FY 2020.  The result provides Runnymede Park Nature Center funding in a sequence of initial study in FY 21, design in FY 22 and construction funding in FY 23.  The Community Center Phase 5 is funded for design in FY 24 and construction in FY 25.  Total project funding for each project remains unchanged per council’s action. The full CIP document as adopted will be posted prior to the end of the town’s fiscal year on June 30, 2019.  

NOTE: The CIP is a planning document.  Funding beyond the first year is subject to future approval and authorization by the Town Council.  The annual Operating Budget adopted by Town Council, and as amended by Town Council, authorizes funding for the first year of the CIP.


What is the CIP?

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a portion of the town's annual budget document and an important stand-alone planning document. The CIP describes the town's anticipated public improvements and it details the various funding sources that are planned to be used to pay for each project.

The CIP covers six years and includes projects for the upcoming budget year and also the next five years beyond the budget year. Projecting ahead allows the Planning Commission and Town Council to set a work program for the staff and to anticipate future budget needs.

The Draft FY 2020 – FY 2025 CIP was recommended to the Town Manager by the Planning Commission after a public hearing on February 25, 2019.  The draft CIP materials are available on the Town's agendas and minutes webpage.

The Town Manager is recommending changes to the Draft CIP recommended by the Planning Commission as part of his proposed FY 2019 – FY 2020 Operating Budget.

The staff report for the full FY 2020 – FY 2025 CIP will be developed after the FY 2020 Operating Budget is considered and adopted by Town Council.  This adoption may occur after a scheduled public hearing on April 23, 2019 or on a later date.


The Town Council approved the FY2019-2024 CIP at its public hearing on May 8, 2018.  The following CIP MAP shows the location-based CIP projects.  Project sheets with descriptions and funding programs for all CIP projects including the non-location-based projects along with the other CIP documents are listed below the map.       

FY 2019-2024 CIP Documents:

Town Council Resolution 

Management Summary, Table of Contents, Overview, Financial Analysis & Tables

Project List; Individual Project Sheets: IV-1  IV-2  IV-3  IV-4  IV-5  IV-6  IV-7  IV-8  IV-9  IV-10  IV-11  IV-12  IV-13  IV-14  IV-15    IV-16  IV-17  IV-18  IV-19  IV-20  IV-21 IV-22  IV-23  IV-24  IV-25  IV-26  IV-27  IV-28  IV-29  IV-30  IV-31  IV-32  IV-33  IV-34 IV-35  IV-36 IV-37  IV-38  IV-39  IV-40  IV-41  IV-42  IV-43  IV-44  IV-45  IV-46  IV-47  IV-48  IV-49     

CIP Funding Sources