Downtown Planning

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Downtown Herndon is the Town's historic core and an important center of activity.  It hosts many local events, is home to the Town offices, and offers opportunities for recreation, shopping, and eating.  In recent years, planning initiatives have reinvigorated downtown redevelopment.   


Downtown Redevelopment Updates:

Implementation of the downtown planning effort is underway!  The mixed use Junction Square development is complete and the Comstock Downtown Center development is moving towards completion of all necessary permits.  

For current info on the Comstock Downtown Center project, visit the project page.  

For info on the status of active downtown development projects, visit the Current Development Interactive Map.


Planning for Downtown Redevelopment 

Downtown Master Plan - Map

Downtown Master Plan - 2030 Comprehensive Plan Text

Adopted in February of 2011, this plan creates the framework for building form, building height, and land use in the downtown area.  

Downtown Pattern Book

Adopted in January 2013, this guide regulates and guides the urban design and architectural design for downtown redevelopment.