Environmental Sustainability

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The natural environment is important to all of us and the Town of Herndon is committed to protecting and enhancing it.  The Town strives to cultivate a culture of awareness and stewardship to appropriately managing human impacts on the environment.  Environmental sustainability remains a major component of the Town's long range planning and programming efforts.

Herndon Sustainability Plan

The Town's first Sustainability plan was adopted December 12, 2017.  It sets the program for all Town initiated sustainability  efforts.

Community Forestry

The Forestry Program manages the review and inspection of landscaping plans, maintains town forestry resources, and provides education and technical assistance to citizens on the health and welfare of trees within Town. 

Chesapeake Bay Preservation

The Town is responsible for administering and enforcing the State's Chesapeake Bay Regulations which were developed to protect and enhance by managing water quality and quantity within the Bay's watershed.  

Complete Streets 

Herndon is dedicated to continue development of an integrated multi-modal transportation network that balances high service levels for all modes of travel including walking, biking, driving, or taking transit.  

Farmer's Market

Buy local and buy fresh at the Herndon Farmer's Market, held on Thursday mornings between April and November.


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