Walking & Biking

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Herndon is committed to improving the quality of service for non-motorized transportation modes. Understanding and maximizing the economic, environmental, social, and personal benefits of walking and biking within the Town is a principal goal of Community Development.   

The Town Council recently adopted Herndon's first pedestrian plan and Herndon's first bicycle plan! 

The Herndon Bicycle Network Plan outlines a long range plan for improving the Town's bicycle route network and the principles to follow for best practice. 

The Herndon Pedestrian Plan focuses on the best practice strategies and specific action items for improving walkability throughout town.  


Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) - advises the Town Council on matters involving Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Planning and Improvements. 

Trails in Herndon - the W&OD NVRPA Trail, Folly Lick Trail, and Sugarland Run Trail run through Town providing regional connections for commuting and local trips as well as recreation and access to Metrorail.

Herndon Metro Station Access Management Study (HMSAMS) - Regional planning effort to evaluate and identify specific pedestrian and bicycle improvements to be made prior to the opening of the Herndon Metro Station.  Fairfax County has approved funding assistance for several projects within the Town.