This page provides general info on some of the most common zoning topics relevant to homeowners.  It is recommended to contact the Department of Community Development before beginning any work and refer to the Town's full zoning text for each topic in the Online Zoning Ordinance

The town has passed regulations for the operations of short-term rentals.  If you are currently renting a room or your residence through sites such as Airbnb or VRBO then you must meet all of the requirements and register with the town by February 1, 2020.  There are limits on the number of nights and the number of people that can be rented to.  You are also required to register with Fairfax County Tax Administration for payment of the Transient Occupancy Tax.  

Short-Term Rental Guidelines

Short-Term Rental Application


Accessory structures such as sheds or detached garages are permitted.  There are height, floor area, and setback standards that regulate the size and location of all outbuildings. 

Generally, additions to existing homes should meet the setback requirements for the zoning district in which they are located.  However, there are certain additions that can extend into the rear yard setback.  These additions are limited in their permitted size and encroachment. 

Depending on the height, decks may encroach into the required rear yards.  The extent of the allowed encroachment varies.  The Town standard deck construction details are available online.  

Fences are permitted and have height restrictions of 4' in a front yard and 7' elsewhere within the property.  There are certain fences such as those made of chain-link or plywood that are generally not permitted.  Contact the Community Development Department at 703-787-7380 for more information.