The Zoning Enforcement Division is part of the Town's community inspections effort and is charged with the enforcement of regulations found in the Herndon Zoning Ordinance.  These regulations apply to all property within the Town of Herndon, both residential and non-residential.

The "Good Neighbor" Guidelines provide information to foster attractive and enjoyable neighborhoods. 

If you suspect a violation, you may file a complaint by utilizing the online Report A Problem service.

Listed below are some of the more common topics of concern:

>   inoperable vehicles
>   home-based businesses
>   commercial vehicle parking
>   temporary uses and special events
>   accessory uses and structures
>   fences
>   day care/child care
>   portable storage units
>   roll-off dumpsters
>   residential overcrowding
>   signs
>   failure to adhere to an approved site plan, and
>   businesses operating without zoning approval.

If  you would like to file a complaint in person or by fax, please complete a Violation Complaint form.  If you suspect residential overcrowding, please complete the Excessive Occupancy Questionnaire.

These forms may be mailed, faxed or hand-carried to the Enforcement offices located at 1481 Sterling Road.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.