Due to changes in Fairfax County recycle collection, effective immediately the town will no longer accept glass recyclables. The town is considering options: in the meantime, please reuse glass containers, recycle at county purple containers, or place glass in trash for collection. More information:

Fairfax County recently announced that they will no longer accept glass as part of single stream recycling.  As a result, the town will no longer accept glass in our curbside recycling collection program. We are looking at options for residents to recycle glass, including participating in Fairfax County’s purple container program,  

During this transition we encourage residents to reuse glass containers when possible or to recycle glass at the closest purple container located at Reston South Park and Ride, 2531 Reston Parkway.  If those are not feasible options, please place glass in the trash for collection. We understand the inconvenience and frustration this may cause and will provide updates as glass collection processes change.  Residents whose recyclables are not collected by the town should consult with their collection provider.

Collection of trash and yard waste is provided once a week by the town. Please use the trash collection map to determining your collection days.   

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