The Town of Herndon has joined Fairfax County’s program to recover and recycle glass.  Glass is no longer included as part of the town’s single stream recycling process.  Glass should not be placed in your curbside pick-up recycling containers.

  Glass Purple Dumpster

The County and the Town have established a glass only recycling drop off container, which is located at the entrance to the Herndon Public Works Shops at 1479 Sterling Road. Residents are encouraged to bring their glass to the town’s “Purple Dumpster” drop off container, reuse glass containers or if not possible, glass should be placed in the trash for disposal.  This glass only recycling program will reduce the amount of broken glass that contaminates other recyclable materials in the single stream recycling sorting process, making those materials unrecoverable.  Residents who bring their glass recyclables to the town’s purple container can be sure their glass will be recycled responsibly.  All colors of emptied glass bottles and jars are acceptable materials for glass drop-off. Food residue from jars should be rinsed out before placing glass in the bins. Items that are not accepted include food, plastic bags, lamps or light bulbs, ceramics, porcelain, mirrors, windows, and glass sheets.

For more information about Fairfax County’s purple container program please visit:

Collection of trash and yard waste is provided once a week by the town. Please use the trash collection map to determining your collection days.   

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