Paving Operations and Concrete Replacement

The concrete replacement and asphalt repaving project is planned annually to improve the safety of the town streets.  Concrete and Paving schedules are subject to inclement weather delays. Any changes to the posted schedule will be advertised via this web page, message boards and/or flyer handouts delivered to residents' homes.

Marking operations for new pavement June 18 - 23:

Elden Street (Sterling Rd. to Herndon Parkway)

Herndon Parkway (between Elden Street and Queens Row)

Expect lanes closures.

Please contact the Department of Public Works Maintenance Complex at (703) 435-6860 with any concerns.


Snow Removal

The Department of Public Works is responsible for snow removal in the town's right-of-way. Arterial routes receive first priority for salting, sanding, and plowing. Upon completion of clearing these routes, town crews will address all other streets in accordance with snow removal policy.

Public Works is committed to maintaining safe, accessible roadways during winter snowstorms. Businesses and residents are asked to assist as follows:

Parking Vehicles - When snow is in the forecast, please do not park on side streets or cul-de-sacs so plows can get through. Vehicles parked on snow emergency routes or other streets as marked may be towed.

Sidewalks - DPW does not remove snow from residential or business sidewalks except to facilitate pedestrian travel on select major routes and schools. Be a good neighbor and clear sidewalks adjacent to your business or home. Please do not shovel snow into the streets or block storm drains or fire hydrants. Consider offering assistance to elderly or infirm neighbors.

To avoid doing double work, wait until a plow has cleared your street before shoveling snow from the end of a driveway. If you must shovel prior to a plow passing, shovel snow to the right of your driveway as you face the road.

DPW’s Operations Center is staffed continuously during snowstorms. Please continue to check the town's website for information before, during and after a storm; also, follow us at Updated messages on snow clearing will also be available by calling (703) 435-6860. In an emergency, please call 911.


  • Ways Residents Can Assist with Snow Removal Operations (click topics to expand)

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