Jump into the pool and start swimming the Bay. As you improve you fitness see how quickly you can cover the 180 miles. Pick up your Swim-the-Bay Passport and Mileage Chart from the Aquatic Services Manager (703-435-6800 x2128). Keep track of your mileage on the mileage chart.

The Passport Book has various "ports of call" along the 180 mile route. Next to each port name is the corresponding mile marker along the route. When you enter one of these ports, take your passport to the guard office and one of the guards will stamp the date next to the port. Look for your name under each port of call on the bulletin board. This will give you an opportunity to keep a chronology of your progress. When you reach the magical 180 mile marker, bring your mileage chart to the Aquatic Service Manager and receive your Swim-the Bay t-shirt.