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Nature Programs

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All nature programs, unless otherwise indicated, meet at Runnymede Park (off Herndon Parkway). Meet at the kiosk next to the parking lot. Please wear long pants and sturdy shoes to all programs and dress appropriately for the weather. For all outdoor nature programs, anyone under 8 must bring an adult with them—no siblings please, unless they are registered also. Please be on time as all programs start promptly. Check back for additional nature class listings. 

Orienteering in Runnymede Park 

The Runnymede Orienteering Trail has 10 posts laid out along the 1.75 mile course; each post has QR codes for easy access to map and trail information. Click here for the map or download a QR reader on a smartphone, and access the map from designated posts along the course. Click here for the map, which has the compass bearings needed to complete this course. Paper copies of the maps will also be stocked in the kiosks throughout the park. The first post and start of the course are visible from the entrance to Runnymede Park, next to kiosks, although the course can be started from any post to add a more challenging variation.

Valuable tools to complete this course successfully include: a smartphone, compass, map, and GPS. Compasses are easily accessible at a local sporting goods store. For more information about orienteering and events in the area, learn more from the Quantico Orienteering Club

What is an orienteering course? An orienteering course is a fun recreational activity that requires map and compass to navigate from post to post.

How do you follow the course? To move from post to post, using map and compass orient the map, determine the precise location of travel in degrees (Compass Bearings), and determine the distance to the next post using the map’s scale of miles.

How do I get started? Download and print this map or follow the map on a smartphone.

This project was completed as an Eagle Scout project led by Charlie Hollender, Fall 2016.