Bike Trail

This project is intended to light 2,200 linear feet of the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail from Ferndale Avenue to Crestview Drive in Herndon. Twenty-two of the 20’ pendant lights will be installed and will include LED fixtures. The Town executed a license agreement with NOVA Parks as the trail owner. The Town Council awarded the construction contract to R.E. Lee Electric Company in August and work will begin this fall.

The project is identified in the Town’s Capital Improvement Program. The Recreational Trails Grant (RTP) is both a matching grant, and a reimbursement grant. The town will match 20% of the total cost of the project up to the maximum award amount or the actual out of pocket cash expense of the project.

The funds to offset the RTP grant reimbursement are available and will be covered by the town’s general funds until the project is completed, and the expenses are validated and reimbursed.

Update: The second phase of the project is complete and lighting now extends from Crestview Drive to Van Buren Street.

Town of Herndon enters agreement with Vivacity DC, Inc. to pilot “smart city” technologies, services.

WOD Trail light map_12