Herndon's SkatePark in located in Trailside Park at 1022 Crestview Drive (at the intersection with Herndon Parkway). It is a 4,200 sq ft concrete park with a combination of bowl and street elements. The park is free and open to the public from dawn to dusk.

SkatePark Rules At Trailside Park

1. All Town and park regulations apply.
2. Use of the park and skate park after dark is trespassing.  

3. All patrons should wear helmets and closed 
toed shoes. 

4. Additional protective equipment is recommended.  

5. No scooters allowed.  Bicycles must have their pegs removed or taped. 

6. No unauthorized ramps, modifications or obstacles are allowed. 

7. Any infractions of the rules may result in loss of privileges to use the park. 
8. Use at your own risk. Weather conditions may create unsafe surfaces for users. 

9. Every skater is expected to act in a manner that protects their personal safety as well as the safety of other park users. 

10. Respect shall be shown for all park users.
11. Please keep your skate park clean and safe. Dispose of all trash properly. 

The SkatePark is operated by the Town of Herndon Parks and Recreation Department, for information, call 703-787-7300 or click here to email staff.