Our Personal Trainers employ a results-driven, scientific approach to improving your health and fitness in both one-on-one and partner-training settings. Using proven and progressive methods of exercise, our trainers will provide a plan for you, educate you, challenge you, and support you so that you may reach your desired fitness goals!

Online Personal Training  

Want to make sure you are getting the most of your at home workouts or are you not sure where to start? Our personal trainers are available to provide you customized and results-driven, one-on-one guidance via online video training sessions.

Using the equipment you have at home - or no equipment at all - our trainers can help!

Flexible use options. Purchase credits instead of specific timed-sessions.

120 online credits for $100 NR / $75 TOH.

You'll coordinate with your trainer to determine the most effective plan of action. 15-min core workouts? Sure! 45-minutes of Strength Training? Absolutely! Three times this week but just once next week? Whatever works!

Get started today with a free consultation; e-mail our Head Personal Trainer.

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Online Personal Training Wavier 


In Person Training 

Outdoor, one-on-one personal training sessions are now available.

Restart your workout routine in a fun and refreshing way. Sessions are held on the Bready Park Soccer turf. Extra care is taken to stay safe and maintain social-distance. Some limitations apply to schedule and trainer availability. Email our Head Personal Trainer for more info or to get started.

30-min session TOH $36 / NR $48 

6 x 30 min

TOH $180 / NR $239

10 x 30 min

TOH $244 / NR $325
45-min session TOH $47 / NR $63

6 x 45 min

TOH $237 / NR $315

10 x 45 min

TOH $349 / NR $464
 45-min session TOH $38 / NR $51

6 x 45 min

TOH $190 / NR $253

10 x 45 min

TOH $282 / NR $375