Children who play sports develop general physical fitness in a way that’s fun, and they establish lifelong habits for good health. From the basketball court to the soccer field, the tennis court to the swimming pool, youth sports are the ultimate classroom. Kids learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, respect for authority and rules, and how to win with class and lose with dignity.

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Fencing Age 9 & Up         
Cardinal Fencing Academy classes introduces students to the many benefits of this Olympic sport. Beyond the fitness benefits, fencing promotes intellectual development, decision making skills, self-discipline and confidence. All taught in a safe, supportive environment. Our focus is electric Epee fencing: the modern evolution of the rapier duel. Epee fencing is the most straight forward of the three Olympic fencing disciplines where the opponent’s whole body is the target. There is no right-of-way rules in Epee which makes score keeping simple and clear. Learn the Olympic sport of swords and join us for a fun workout, fencing and new friendships!

Fit, Play, Learn Age 6–14
This class is a comprehensive and fun physical education program that provides students with the building blocks to
become physically fit and educated. Children will receive high levels of personalized attention by our instructors
in a variety of fundamental sports skills. Benefits of the program include: fundamental fitness skills training, team
building and social skills, muscular conditioning, aerobic endurance, improved confidence, basic nutrition, sport and
fitness programs, and Presidential fitness training, testing and awards.

Basketball Age 8-12
The Winning Lives Character Education Basketball program integrates the fundamentals of basketball with interactive
exercises to build positive character traits. Using real life scenarios, the goal is to build children’s self-esteem,
character, and social emotional learning skills while they have fun playing the sport they love.

Ignite Kids Club: Multi-Sport Jr. Athletes Age 3-6
Jr. Athletes is a multi-sport program that dials in on the basic skill sets for five different sports, including: baseball/softball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, and tennis. Using interactive and age-appropriate games/activities. As they grow through the program, the games and activities will begin to uniquely integrate team play, develop social skills, and create a better understanding of the sport itself. While learning the fundamentals of kicking, throwing, catching, hitting, and basic speed and agility, the players will increase fitness, coordination, confidence, and improve on both social and listening skills.

Nova Legends Soccer Age 6-12
Want to improve your dribbling and scoring goals? Classes focus on the development of a child's individual skills. Focus is on improving each child's self-concept, bravery, leadership and character for life. Players are challenged to try some of the most difficult and deceptive dribbling techniques in small spaces to improve quickness, agility and decision-making. Coaches are licensed and trained in the very specific Legends Training methodology. Classes are held indoors; appropriate footwear is required. 

Happy Feet Soccer Age 2-5
It's story time with a soccer ball! Stories, songs, nursery rhymes and fun games are adapted to incorporate a soccer ball
and basic motor skills development. Happy Feet classes are non-competitive, and use fun techniques to train advanced motor
skills, dynamic dribbling, shooting skills and fitness. 

There are multiple organizations in the Town of Herndon who offer youth sports leagues. Start by viewing the Herndon Optimist website or Herndon Youth Soccer.  Or click here to view a full list of sports leagues in Fairfax County.