Coach Rich Evans: Wrestled for 4 Years in Division 1 At Drexel University during the early 1990's.  He was an active parent last year with the Rattlers and looking forward to taking a more active role as one of the assistant coaches this year. He has 2 children who also wrestle for the Rattlers. 




Coach Ron Sanders: Pictured 2nd to left in black shirt/black hat) Coach Ron is going on his 5th year as a Herndon Rattlers Coach. He wrestled 4 years in high school and 2 years in the US Army. 





Coach David Landrum: Wrestled for 5 years and has been coaching wrestling for two years.  This will be David’s second year with the Rattlers and he has two children who wrestle for the team. David was a Hoosier conference champion, sectional champion and broke the single season escape record while in Indiana. 





Coach Marc Lang: Marc is returning to the Herndon Rattlers for his 2nd year. He wrestled for 4 years with the Potomac Falls High School wrestling team. 





Matt-SandersCoach Matt Sanders:  This is Matt's first year as the Head Coach for the Herndon Rattlers and his 6th year with the team.  He wrestled for 4 years at South Lakes High, compiling a record of 110 wins 12 loses where he was a 2x district champion, 2x regional runner-up and placed 5th at the VA state tournament. He was also a Roman-Greco state champion and represented the Virginia/USA National wrestling team in 1996. Coach Matt is a graduate of Norfolk State University, where he also wrestled for one year during college.