Herndon's pit stop, sponsored by Herndon Parks and Recreation Department and A-1 Cycling, will take place from 5:30-10:00 a.m. and from 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the Town Hall Green, near the intersection of Lynn and Elden Streets, just off the W&OD Trail. Refreshments will be provided. 

Commuter Connections is promoting its Bicycle Route Finder, which makes it easy to plan a cycling commute or recreational ride using a database of more than 2,150 miles of trails, on-street lanes, paths, and facilities. You can also use the web application to find available bikes and bays at Capital Bikeshare locations. Sign up for a free account to use the Bicycle Route Finder on the Commuter Connections website.

5 Reasons to Bike to Work

- You'll boost your overall well-being.
- You'll start your day in a better mood.
- You're more likely to have a lean body.
- Better biking infrastructure means less risk of injury.
- You'll less likely to use sick days.
Source: Fitness Magazine

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association, creates a healthy, more livable region by promoting bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation; advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices for a healthier environment, and educating children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling. 

 Thanks to our event sponsor, A1 Cycling! 


A-1 Cycling