Saturday, October 26
Town Hall Square, 730 Elden Street 
Free Event and pumpkins will be for sale

Come enjoy all things pumpkin in downtown Herndon! Bring your pumpkin on wheels and try for 1st place in our Pumpkin Derby. Compete in our all-ages-welcome pumpkin pie eating contest. Purchase a pumpkin from our Pumpkin Patch for $3 and get creative with our decorating station. Don't miss pumpkin bowling, popcorn, crafts and more. Admission is FREE! See you there.

Volunteers are needed. Click here to learn more and sign up. 

Pumpkin Pie-Eating Contest

Test your love of pie in our no-hands allowed pumpkin pie-eating contest! We will have three times based on age groups with prizes for 1st place! Be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to the time you would like to compete so you can get signed up and have your appetite ready.
Ages 6 and under – 10:30am
Ages 7 to 12 – 11:00am
Ages 13 and older – 11:30am

Pumpkin Derby

Youth 14 and under, come compete in Herndon’s first ever Pumpkin Derby! Simply bring your pumpkin on wheels ready to compete in this race focused on ingenuity, creativity, and fun. Put your building skills to the test and try for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes. Sign in begins in at 10am and races start at 12 noon. Click here to read a pumpkin race tutorial. To keep things fun and fair please follow the below rules:

1. This race is for children 14 years old and younger.
2. Your pumpkin racer must be created using a single, REAL, whole pumpkin. However, it can be carved/emptied. 
3. Pumpkins cannot be attached to pre-made items such as skateboards, toy trucks, strollers, ect. You must BUILD your pumpkin racer.
4. Parents are welcome to assist in attaching hardware; however, the child must create their pumpkin racer using their own ideas and designs to keep things fair for all participants.
5. No power-assisted pumpkins are allowed (i.e. no batteries, fans, motors, ect.).

- Have fun with your pumpkin! Decorate it and get creative. Remember, you can carve it or leave it whole and decorate the outside. It’s up to you, just let your creativity shine (There will be a prize for most creative!)
- Big, heavy pumpkins are not always the fastest. When you’re picking a pumpkin out try not to go over 20 pounds (if a pumpkin is too large it may not fit on the ramp and cannot race)
- Wheels and axles can be purchased at hardware stores, online, or can be pulled from old items such as toys, trucks, etc. 
- Sign in will begin at 11:45am with races starting promptly at noon. Being on time ensures you will get the chance to race
- When attaching your wheels and axles, making them as perfectly parallel as possible will ensure your pumpkin goes straighter and faster. This is a big key to winning!

Have questions? Contact Stephanie Moore-Brewer at 703-435-6868.