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Spotlight on an Amazing Customer 
The benefits of parks and recreation related programs have had a life long impact on Scott Bozek. Growing up in New England he longed to swim at the local YMCA. He quickly learned that if he took a fencing class at the YMCA, the instructor would allow him the opportunity to swim in the pool. His fencing skills excelled and he learned from a great coach. All his hard work paid off as he competed in the 1972 & 1976 Olympics. In addition to his two Olympic appearances, Bozek  competed at the 1971 & 1975 Pan American Games, winning gold medals both years in team fencing and a silver medal in 1971 in individual fencing. He was the US Champion in fencing in 1973 and 1975.
Flash forward, after living in Herndon since 1978, serving in the Foreign Service, traveling the world, Bozek has retired and once again is enjoying the benefits of parks and recreation programs. He has worked on improving his health and balance by attending our Tai Chi class for the past couple of years. He enjoys the sport of Tai Chi because he doesn’t miss getting hit with a sword. The Tai Chi class is a nice moving mediation and exercise. Once again he enjoys the support of an outstanding teacher, Grace Tsai Tsuyuki. Scott said, “Grace is a great teacher and this class keeps me connected to the Herndon community.”